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The E-Fidget is a new kind of fidget spinner. It uses haptic feedback in the form of 8 vibration motors to simulate the feeling of spinning while not moving at all. This provides several benefits, including being able to be "spun" from inside of a pocket to reduce distraction, and much lower noise levels.

Hardware overview

The E-Fidget is based around the RP2040 microcontroller, the same one found inside the popular Raspberry Pi Pico! It has 16 MBits of on-board flash storage, and 8 vibration motors with corresponding MOSFET drivers.

Software overview

The recommended software for the E-Fidget is CircuitPython, the easy-to-use Python port for microcontrollers. While you're free to try other languages, I won't be able to support you with them as readily! (I'll still try, of course)